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You should go and Love Yourself!

So looking back in history the scarf wasn’t quite the fashion statement it is now. A scarf was an item of function for both men and woman to keep warm, cool, protected or clean. But as we know like all things functional with time if there’s a way to wear it as fashion it shall be done! A scarf has now become so much more than a functional piece of textile. You may say that can be said the same for most clothing or accessory items but in a way a scarf is so much more. It can become part of you, your look with the benefits of being an adult safety blankie. This is why I think adding a scarf or many to your wardrobe are a must!

A scarf isn’t going to rust or break on you. It isn’t going to give up on you when you gain or loose a few extra pounds. It will travel with you at the bottom of your bag without complaints. Your scarf will give you that hug in the cold you so desperately need after that god awful day. It will protect you as it’s thrown over your head when large raindrops randomly fall without any warning and your hair is in jeopardy of becoming an untamed afro!!. It can be the finishing touch to dress an outfit up or down for that big date or meeting, the “I’m not trying too hard but really you have spent 10 hours getting ready look”. Your scarf will catch your tears when there’s no shoulder near to cry on. It will fly with you as you run and drop with you as you fall. It will always be there as your solution to any outfit problem you may encounter, it is the accessory that has your back!  It will keep your secrets entwined with every thread never announcing to anyone that it got left in a bar last night when you got super drunk and shamefully picked up in the morning. Nor will it shout out from the rooftops whose floor it was left on when it was frantically thrown off in a state of drunken wild passion with the person whom you can’t remember their name. It can be washed with all its unwanted memories if you please and be the reminder of the awesome ones. A scarf is the perfect gift that you can give yourself!

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